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Unrecorded Album Scoring:

  • 100 – 96: A+: This is reserved for the cream of the crop, the “holy hell this is amazing” insta-classic album that knocks your socks off and makes you want to run down the street screaming its title so all your neighbors can enjoy it as much as you do.
  • 95 – 81: A, A-: Albums that you love, that you want people to go buy, and that you feel will be part of the conversation at the end of the year’s “best of” lists. Almost every song on this is a keeper and, most importantly, it feels like a cohesive piece of art.
  • 80 – 61: B+, B, B-: These are albums that have almost an entire record’s worth of greatness with a couple of misses or an uneven track listing that doesn’t make for a cohesive listen. That said, this is still a good place to be for a lot of bands. This is also a great area for an album that may need time to grow.
  • 60 – 41: C+, C, C-: There’s nothing wrong with this. This is the equivalent of a three-star record. A few great songs, some filler, one or two duds.
  • 40 – 21: D+, D, D-: A D isn’t terrible, but the bad outweighs the good.
  • 20- 0: F+, F: Awful. Pure, vile, ear-bleeding nonsense.