Best Albums Of 2012 – #27: Nedry – In A Dim Light

Nedry - In A Dim Light cover art

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Nedry‘s début, Condors, drew plenty of attention when it dropped back in 2010, thanks to its combination of Bristol sound, more contemporary London bass music, and post-rock. Arriving as it did at the peak of the dubstep wave it’s perhaps unsurprising that it featured plenty of wub, and two years on that’s not sounding quite so fresh. Fortunately, on In A Dim Light, they’ve honed the formula, and the results are great.

Given the combination of Ayu Okakita’s vocals and the Boards Of Canada electronic tinkering of the backing tracks, the whole thing’s redolent of Homogenic-era Björkery – you know, one of the best electronica albums ever made. But even so, it manages the impressive feat of drawing on a whole host of top-notch sources without sounding overly derivative of any of them. The whole thing is immersive and delightfully inventive.

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