[Best Albums Of 2011] – #1 – 1,2,3 – “New Heaven”

1,2,3, New Heaven, Scared But Not That Scared,

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After one of our writers posted 1,2,3′s “Riding Coach” back in February I went on a personal manhunt to find anything and everything I could about this band, buying each of their vinyls and writing to them asking them for more music. If you’ve followed this site for most of the year you’ll know I’m a huge supporter of everything these guys do, and when I first heard the album it instantly clicked with me.

When I gave it to a friend to listen to his reaction was that the album was so varied and whilst that can sometimes remove an album’s feel and ability to connect with it, “New Heaven” doesn’t lose that, and whilst each song may be varied in sound it’s still distinctively 1,2,3.  I’ll close by quoting a line from our review of the albumWe live to discover great music like this, a sound that doesn’t sit back and wait to be found, doesn’t wait to get attention, but bursts out and slaps you in the face with its quality.

Artist: 1,2,3
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennslvania, U.S.A.
Members: Nic Snyder, Joshua Sickels
Formed: 2009
Released: 2011
Genre: Indie, Rock
Label: Frenchkiss Records
Singles: “Work”, “Riding Coach”, “Scared But Not That Scared”

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