Best Albums Of 2012 – #1 – Beach House – Bloom

Beach House - Bloom

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Cascading melodies, ethereal atmospherics, and idyllic harmonies: Bloom is where grace and elegance abound without the dips into indulgence or the clamouring glamour to be heard. It’s a subtlety that Beach House have honed throughout the course of their career but on Bloom it’s heightened by a fluidity that seamlessly knit the record into a sinuous flow of bliss.

Vocalist Victoria Legrand and guitarist, bassist Alex Scally come together with a cohesion that radiates effortlessness. From the sighing Lazuli to the swelling ”Troublemaker”, the duo bring some new tools to the table with lush textures and layers of exquisite production, building within and across tracks accentuating the aching vulnerability and blossoming flourishes.

Engaging, mesmerizing and downright dreamy, Bloom exudes an alluring charm and mysterious depth. It’s a cleansing listen that excites and stimulates while it calms and nourishes, a respite from the world-any world-and an invitation into Listen Before You Buy’s general definition of heaven.

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