Best Albums Of 2012 – #17 – Purity Ring – Shrines

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“Transcendence” is the best word in music criticism. Originality, precision or talent are all well and good, but if you’re capable of transcending a culture with art, you will have an attention of the masses. Purity Ring came from a weird place. The Canadian duo emerged from a cavern of genres where experimental electro-pop, southern hip-hop, trap rap and witch-house intertwine in unconventional and off-setting ways.

On their début LP Shrines, Purity Ring take heaps of sonic ideas, production styles and compositions to build an unusual decoupage which would theoretically take a well-read and, quote-on-quote, intellectual music crowd to appreciate. Anyone exposed to their sound knows all of this gets thrown out the window once one of Shrines’ infectious hooks crawls under your skin. From the chopped and screwed sample styles, lead vocalist Megan James’ adorable timbre and ethereal presentation and scope, Shrines unexpectedly lands on the power to transcend complicated music genres and produce a work of engaging and unanimously lovable proportion.

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