Best Albums of 2012 – #18: Jack White – Blunderbuss

Jack White - Blunderbuss cover art

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Lets all be honest.  There were a lot of breakthrough bands in 2012.  We were all witness to new faces, new names, and new treatment of instrument and melody.  However, now that the year is over and we have all explored all of the sweet new talent, we have to give credit to our old buddy, our old pal, Mr. Jack White.  His album was the shit.

Blunderbuss was our first taste of solo work from this living phenom and it did not disappoint.  He used all of the familiar elements that made us fall in love with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather and twisted them into his own Nashville infused, twangy, rock-folk album that was more solid, more gritty, and just more ROCK then anything that was released.  If you missed him on his 2012 tour you are a fool and chump because it was the most powerful showcase of ROCK I have ever laid eyes on.  Besides, of course, the end of Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey.

There’s not a better word to describe this album.  It is straight ROCK.

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