Best Albums of 2012 – #19: Death Grips – The Money Store

Death Grips - The Money Store

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If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that the most of defining artist in the genre of hip-hop in 2012 is Death Grips. Comprised of noise rock veteran Zach Hill on drums, brilliant keyboardist Flatlander, and the unmistakable, uncompromising vocalist MC Ride, Death Grips is an industrial hip-hop powerhouse unlike anything else in recent memory.

Their first masterpiece of 2012, The Money Store, opted out of Exmilitary‘s extensive sampling and guitar-oriented instrumentals for a sound far more concentrated, conceptual, and electronic, whilst retaining a strong sense of anger and urgency. Not only do many consider The Money Store to be the best album of 2012, but also one of the finest in recent memory, and an album sure to become a classic.

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