Best Albums Of 2012 – #22: POLIÇA – Give You The Ghost

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Give You The Ghost isn’t the first album to be born out of heartbreak, but sonically it’s definitely one of the more innovative and cohesive ones in recent memory. POLIÇA‘s innovation in R&B and tasteful auto-tune use, in fact, has seen them explode, with praise coming left and right not only for their studio work, but also for their stunning live show. Not only that, but in the forty-five minutes of the album’s length the Minneapolis band manage to create a work in which everything flows, following common threads both sonically and lyrically.

Of course, the defining trait of the album (or at least what everyone mentions) are Channy Leaneagh’s ethereal, haunting, and – yes – auto-tuned vocal cascades. She’s done a great job of using vocals not only as a means to tell a story (most songs were born in the aftermath of her divorce) but also transmit a feeling of weightlessness, almost of being a ghost, as they float above the more rhythmic, and often undervalued instrumentation. Every part has a perfectly understood role – including when to flourish – and as a result the whole is so much more.

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