Best Albums Of 2012 – #26: Sea Of Bees – Orangefarben

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At this time last year I was completely unaware of the existence of Sea Of Bees, not even having heard the name in passing, though that all changed as Spring made way for Summer and a dear friend of mine sent me the video of Julie Ann Bee singing “Broke” in a tunnel in England.

Her performance was beyond heartfelt enough for me to be completely sold before the video had even finished, and as Summer peaked we wore the album out. Its hopeful but heartbreaking tone soundtracked days spent in the warmth of the sun, surrounded by trees and grass and fields. Its somber and earnest lyrics accompanied nights spent under umbrellas waiting for storms to pass, and roadtrips through mountains to the edges of the state and back.

It would be easy to label Orangefarben as an indie-folk record only fit for days when the sun populates the sky longer than the moon, but it’s more than that. When you open up to its resplendent beauty and pay attention to the impassioned lyrics, it’ll become your constant companion during a breakup. The album you put on when you miss the love of your life, or your winter snuggle buddy when it’s -27 outside, everything is under 6ft of snow, and you’re wrapped up in your favourite hoodie, slippers, and knee-high socks.

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