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When the morning benders re-branded themselves as POP ETC it came with a sonic shift that many have been quick to dismiss. And while it may be a case of excessive fanboy-ism on my part, I’ll continue to try and prove POP ETC‘s strengths. The band have always made pop songs, and other than cleaning up in the production department and switching their guitars for synths not much has changed.  Yes, there are some more cringe-worthy lyrics here, but the style of pop they’re shooting for this time around doesn’t need complex-ish explorations of the feelings of losing one’s virginity (like on “Excuses”, the song that placed them on the map in a big way).

And what may be lacking here and there – which I argue again isn’t that much – the record makes up for in replay-ability. The melodies here go down incredibly easily, and the one-two-three punch at the end, including “Yoyo”, easily one of the year’s best (pop) songs, make for one of the year’s best musical (pop) moments that makes you want to go back and hit the replay button. The band may have hit a sour note with the name choice, but musically things are practically pitch perfect.

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