Best Albums Of 2012 – #29: Hop Along – Get Disowned

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Hop Along consists of singer and guitarist Frances Quinlan, drummer Mark Quinlan, and Tyler Long on bass. However, Frances is the one with the magnetic appeal. Her lyrics are afflicted by steadfast pessimism, like on “Diamond Mines” where she playfully chants, “There are some parent’s whose/children long/for divorce”.  While the lyrics on Get Disowned are absolute poetry, Frances shifts from gritty yowling to sweet coos in practically every song.

But then she admits, “I want truth and beauty/I want to love someone simply” and, in that moment of vulnerability, Hop Along exists on the crossroad where Kimya Dawson’s anti-folk songwriting and Cursive’s bipolarity intersect. Each track has movements that have been perfected over the years, and the gritty production quality doesn’t sacrificing any musical integrity. In short, Get Disowned is equal parts grand and young, improper and holistic.

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