Best Albums Of 2012 – #8 – Tame Impala – Lonerism

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It’s difficult to speak about this album without excessively using cliché superlatives, so please forgive my swooning. To put it simply, Lonersim is intoxicating. It is a stroke of genius that has undoubtedly secured Tame Impala a place in our generations musical history. This much anticipated album exceeds expectations, reviving classic elements of psychedelic rock with experimental pop sensibilities.

Wedded in bouncy bass lines, ambient guitars, and captivating melodies, this record is a true testament to Tame Impala’s ability to channel classic sentiments, while still effortlessly remaining contemporary and original. It is clear that this album (as with its predecessor) is more instrumentally focused, carried in sporadic, fitful bursts of reverb and sounds I can’t even begin to attach words to. Take the tracks “Keep On Lying” and “Apocalypse Dreams”, for example. Both tracks are almost scenic, wedded in oodles of fuzz, sauntering guitars, languid build ups, and inevitable synth breaks that would make you forget where you’ve been.

If I’m honest, it’s hard to speak about this album technically, as I’ve had such a personal, visceral reaction to it. Everything about it is so inviting and bracingly invigorating. There is a timeless, revolutionary element in this record that has definitely established Tame Impala as a band far too important to waste away, and if you allow it I believe that this album has the ability to transcend the way you experience music into something that is anything but ordinary.

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