Spotlight Desert Island Discs: Conveyor

Conveyor press photo promo shot

As part of this week’s Spotlight with Conveyor we’ve already offered you a stream of their great debut self titled album, and an interview with the four piece. Now we’ve got another special treat: a Desert Island Discs to give you a bit of insight into the band’s musical world.

You can read the original pitch (from way back in 2010), or for the condensed version: it’s basically the artist – in this case Conveyor – selecting eight pieces of music that they’d take with them to a desert island, as a homage on our part to a radio show on BBC that’s been airing since 1942.

Michael Jackson – “Man in the Mirror”

I feel like this one would provide me with some much needed inspiration, living on a desert island and all. Also, this might just be the best song of all time.

 Paul Simon – “Graceland”

My favorite song off one of my favorite albums. Perfect.

Sam Cooke – “Bring it on Home To Me”

I’ve probably listened to more Sam Cooke than any other artist in my collection over the course of the past few years of my life. This song still gets me every time. Lou Rawls’ low harmony throughout really seals the deal.

Fela Kuti – “Coffin for Head of State”

I would definitely need some solid afrobeat with me and this is a favorite of mine; a perfect mid-tempo groove.

Daniel Johnston – “Story of an Artist”

This is Daniel at his best; so sad, raw, honest, and gorgeous. I love this guy.

The Bad Plus – “Iron Man”

This might be my favorite cover song by any band. I’m not even a Black Sabbath fan really but the minor to major key shift at the end of this recording makes this one of the most epically beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Otis Redding – “A Change is Gonna Come”

Although this is a Sam Cooke song originally, I really think Otis raised the bar with his rendition of this one. The way he belts out the first line consistently gives me chills.

The Beach Boys – “California Girls”

For whatever reason, this is my favorite Beach Boys song.