Spotlight Takeover: Simon Sene – Magal

Guest post written by T. J. Masters of Conveyor

This is the eponymous song on what I believe to be a 1992 cassette tape by a Senegalese musician named Simon Sene.

The track resonates with me in particular via the seemingly unrelated sections of music that are seamlessly segued together without apparent regard for the rationally-oriented mind of the listener which cries out, “wait where are we?” even as it adapts to the new rhythms and cheery yelps of Sene and whoever he’s got backing him up.

Another great thing to listen for are the revolving drums that thump collectively in an apparent jumble but are actually so finely syncopated as to simultaneously disorient and groove.  Of course, one can only assume that all of this comes naturally to Sene and his cohorts, which begs the question, “what do we really know about music?”