Spotlight Desert Island Discs: South Of France

South of France Desert Island Discs press photo promo image live Listen Before You Buy Another Boring Sunrise

As you might have noticed, this week we’re running a Spotlight on Colorado duo South of France based around the release of their debut album, Another Boring Sunrise, which is out now on iTunes. Having already premiered a video for first single “Tribecca”, an exclusive stream of the album and an interview, we’re now presenting one of our favorite features: a Desert Island Discs.

You can read the original pitch from 2010 here, or, for the condensed version all you really need to know is that the members of the band – in this case Jeff and Kelly – choose a total of eight songs that they’d take with them, as the name suggests, to a desert island. The whole thing is our particular tribute to a BBC radio show that’s been on air since 1942.

These are Kelly’s picks:

Flip & The Dateliners – “My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around”

Flip & The Dateliners Let's Go! Joe Meek's Girls cover artwork South of France

This song constantly blows my mind. Everything about it just gets me – Flip’s voice is so vacant and Joe Meek’s production just makes you feel like you’re standing in an empty room wallowing in your own depression.  There’s another fantastic version by Debbie Rollins, but the mood this one captures is so striking.  Plus it’s way more deserted-island appropriate.

Dion – “Drip Drop”

Dion Drip Drop The Drifters single cover artwork

Just plain and simple good music. The interjection lines on the verses (“It won’t stop”/“I need a mop”, etc.) that aren’t in The Drifters‘ version make me squeal because I think whoever decided to add those in was a genius. It totally makes the song. That and Dion‘s stupidly cool voice.

of Montreal – “Sleeping In The Beetle Bug”

of Montreal Cherry Peel Kevin Barnes album artwork cover

Kevin Barnes is by far my favorite lyricist ever. He says things in a way that is so unique and personal to him, but I somehow still feel like I know exactly what he’s getting at. I wish I could put of Montreal‘s entire discography since every album is so different, but I wanted to listen to this song after listening to the others on my list, so I’ve decided I’m just gonna stick with it.

The Knife – “Heartbeats”

The Knife Heartbeats single artwork cover Deep Cuts

Because I need something sexy on the island, as well as something from the last decade. This song is one of those tunes that I won’t listen to for a while, and then when I hear it again, I get angry about how much I like it.

These are Jeff’s picks:

Bobby Fuller Four – “Let Her Dance”

Bobby Fuller Let Her Dance single artwork cover 45

This song is simply some of the best guitar pop ever that has ever been written and recorded. The tones, the production, and the writing are so amazing.

Belle and Sebastian – “Electronic Renaissance”

Belle & Sebastian Tigermilk album artwork cover South of France

It’s one of the purest explorations of sound that I’ve ever heard. Because it’s much different sonically from most of their music, I imagine them playing around in the studio and accidentally stumbling upon this magical, lo-fi, dream of a song.

Bobby Vee and the Ventures – “Candy Man”

Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures album artwork cover South of France

I imagine hearing that song when it came out and being so amazed by the perfect reverb on his voice.  It’s still a better reverb than most people can get today and it was done over 40 years ago… And it’s The Ventures… Everything the ventures do is incredible. My favorite drummer and guitarists hands down.

Air – “Playground Love”

Air Playground Love Virgin Suicides artwork cover album single soundtrack

This song is just warm, mellow, and relaxing. I could never never get sick of it. It’s been my ring tone since 2008 and even though ring tones are really dumb these days, I still smile and let my phone ring a few extra times so I can hear a little more of it.