Spotlight Takeover: Fine Folks Every Good Boy Does Fine Mixtapes

Fine Folks mixtape cover artwork design South of France Takeover

Fine Folksmixtapes are hands-down the best. They theme them around old television shows or brands and then dig up some amazing gems from the 40s-60s that you’ve never heard before and probably won’t hear anywhere else. You can download them all for free and should… plus The Munsters and The Twilight Zone mixtapes will be perfect in October when Halloween rolls around. You can download The Twilight Zone mixtape here and check out the tracklist below:

  1. Joe Meek & The Blue Men – “I Hear A New World”
  2. Sharades – “Dumb Head”
  3. Patience & Prudence – “Over Here”
  4. Sterling Holloway – “Trust In Me”
  5. Clark Equipment – “Hooray For Human Engineering”
  6. Os Mutantes – “O Relógio”
  7. The Beach Boys – “She’s Goin’ Bald”
  8. The Velvet Underground – “The Black Angel’s Death Song”
  9. Johnny Gunn – “Chicken”
  10. Sun Ra – “Interplanetary Music”
  11. Bobby Darin – “Mack The Knife”

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