Alex Cameron

Piping out of your speakers drenched in reverb Alex Cameron‘s dark brooding voice repeats “It’s just water/taste it/I promise/it’s just water.” As if the rape-y undertones weren’t creepy enough, Cameron’s slicked back hair, wiry frame and angular facial features tick every box for the role of a TV villain… but man is he captivating. With the swagger and microphone shake of a young Nick Cave, Alex Cameron looks ready-made for cult stardom. Right now, Cameron is better known for his work in the group Seekae who have earned a strong following for their catalogue of largely instrumental electronica but has recently taken to the spotlight as band leader and now solo artist.

His album Jumping the Shark is available for download through his website – which is possibly the best homage to late the glory days of the internet you’ll ever lay eyes on – and is, as far as I can tell, the only spot where you’ll be able to hear the whole thing. Spotify has the lead single “She’s Mine” which is just an incredible piece of 80’s inspired electro pop. Cameron’s low pitched vocals sit atop some crisp 808’s and dabbing synths that slowly layer and melt together before re-appearing to slam home the repeating chorus melody – one that won’t leave your head without a conscious effort.  The video could not capture the darkness of “She’s Mine” more perfectly. Shot in front of an apocalyptically gloomy Los Angeles skyline, Cameron stares down the camera as if to say – she’s already mine.