Charly Bliss

After two years, Brooklyn's Charly Bliss is back with their innovative blend of bubblegum infused grunge

Upset Magazine once called Charly Bliss “One of those bands where you either like them or you’re wrong” and I can’t think of a better way to put it. With their brand of bubble-gum infused grunge, the Brooklyn based band has been proving themselves to be one of the most exciting things coming out of the New York scene.

While we were all on AOL instant messenger complaining about 3rd period math or discussing our cafeteria crushes, vocalists/guitarists Eva Hendricks and Spencer Fox were writing infectiously catchy pop songs on the platform after briefly meeting at NYC’s Webster Hall when the two were 15. This I.M. songwriting project soon turned into what is now Charly Bliss after the duo were later joined by Eva’s brother drummer Sam Hendricks and their newest member, bassist Dan Shure. In 2014, the group went on to release their debut EP Soft Serve, but have been laying low ever since, until now.

Acting as a thank you to Hendrick’s therapist, the band recently released their lead-off track “Ruby”  from their upcoming debut full-length. The track continues along the theme of Soft Serve but shows obvious growth from the New Yorkers. In a little over two minutes, “Ruby” packs quite a punch. Its raw and bubbling guitars are skillfully arranged, giving enough room for Eva’s vocals to cut straight through the fuzz and grit of her and Spencer’s guitars. In addition to the track’s catchy pop hook, the song is accompanied by a bright 90s inspired video in which the band gives a show for a less than enthused audience on their local public-access channel.

As confident as they are now, the band did not always feel as pleased with their material and dynamic. Last year, the band made their first attempt at their debut, but finding themselves in a transitional time after adding Shure on bass, the band knew they could do better, so they decided to go on tour.

Spending the year opening up for Veruca Salt, Sleater-Kinney, and many others, the band spent the time refining their sound and perfecting their live show — and it’s paid off. Seeing the band this past month showed a newer band, with 10 years worth of experience. Engaging and gripping, the band’s charisma on stage is striking as they shredded through their new set-list of catchy pop jams.

This performance showed a band finally coming into their own, completely confident in their abilities and satisfied with their sound. All their work over the year is bound to pay off when their debut hits shelves in the coming months. With their new polished sound and their perfected brand of grunge pop, they sure to release one of the best albums of the year. So in the meantime, you might as well familiarize yourself with Charly Bliss, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about them for years to come.