Introducing: Houndmouth

Houndmouth press shot promo image Rough Trade Introducing

There’s a certain kind of music that reaches us in a simple but extraordinary way, where you find yourself immersed in their tunes thinking of life’s simple pleasures. Houndmouth, for example, easily evoke this feeling. For me, their sound takes on some of the qualities of air, but in a good way. Like the touch of summer breeze on your skin, for instance, or the smell of the air after it rains or the sound of the trees bouncing in a  windstorm. More to the point: listening to their music feels like being surrounded by a swirl of fresh air.

Houndmouth is a four-piece band from Indiana and Kentucky, and all members have a place on vocals. The instrumental action goes like this: Matt Myers on guitars, Katie Toupin on keyboards, Zak Appleby on bass and Shane Cody on drums. Earlier this year, in January, the band picked up a bit of buzz from music blogs and then later signed with Rough Trade Records, which lead to the release of their first self-titled EP in August. With four tracks of pure folk rock in an Americana style, Houndmouth present simple sensations like the ones mentioned before, and their music goes straight to touch your soul. It’s also a feeling of going back to your roots, as if you had a childhood of summers in your grandpa’s old farm somewhere in US Midwest, even though this is probably not your reality (it’s certainly not mine).

As for what they sound like musically, some comparisons with The Band are quite frequent, though I prefer to place their music into a context of some contemporary bands making really great folk music. Tor those that enjoy Alabama Shakes, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters And Men, The Lumineers or The Head and the HeartHoundmouth’s music is bound to find a spot in your hearts.

Below, you can stream the single for the Houndmouth EP, the track “Penitentiary” and can expect some goosebumps while watching a stripped down version of “Krampus” performed by the band in a bar.

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