Introducing: Jetta

Jetta promo photo

Given 23 year old Jetta John-Hartley‘s background, it would be surprising if she wasn’t pursuing a career in music. Born in Liverpool to a singer mother and sound engineer dad, it would seem like she was destined for her chosen path. “Although, I did want to be an astronaut when I was a kid,” she told me when asked about her musical background; but, “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she assures me.

Jetta has been gaining steady attention on the strength of her début single “Start A Riot” - a mixture of rock, soul and guitar-driven pop. NME called the single a cross between Florence And The Machine and The xx, so definitely nothing to scoff at. When asked how she feels about the comparison, she has nothing but good things to say about both acts: “Both have definitely been successful in creating their own distinctive sounds. I love the production in Florence’s tracks – it’s big and bold. The xx have a dreamy quality to their sound. You can really get lost in it. I think it’s important to be yourself and if people respond well to it and can connect that’s a bonus!”.

Recently signed to Models 1, this multi-talented, and obviously beautiful, woman is moving upwards and onwards and is hard at work producing more material. No concrete plans has of yet, just a lot of studio sessions: “I’m mainly in the studio writing and writing… Being busy keeps me focused, so I try to fit in as many sessions as possible. The more songs the merrier!” she responds when asked whether she is working on an EP or an LP. While she has a few producers in mind, she’s currently keeping mum as far as whom she’s short-listed. But given that “Start A Riot” was written with Kish Mauve‘s Jim Eliot (think Kylie, Ellie Goulding, Ladyhawke and so on) with the help of guitarist Seton Daunt, I think she’s in good hands and she hopes to continue working with them.

I wondered whether “Start A Riot” was a good indication of what we should expect from future material, to which she enthusiastically responded that it was a “great introduction to [her] sound” and she plans on staying with the “big vocals, tribal drubs and dirty guitars” we find on the track. I asked her where the concept behind the very effective video came from and it became clear why it was such a good fit with the song: “I imagined it to be like a dream sequence; fast moving images portraying different emotions. I knew that I wanted my family and friends to be a big part of it, so from shooting the first half in London, a group of us went on a road trip to Liverpool, filming along the way. I’m so happy with the way it turned out.”

We expect big things for Jetta and are looking forward to seeing what’s next in store. In the meantime, she has one thing in mind: “Keep it raw!” Sounds good to us.

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