Introducing: Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss Kiss promo photo

This following Introducing could be mistaken as covering two different bands, but it’s just one with a total musical spin. Kiss Kiss Kiss is a five-piece group from Denmark; Mads Koch, Mads Kristian Højlund Frøslev, Nick Labajewska, Kristoffer Hvidberg and William Frederik Asingh have been playing as Kiss Kiss Kiss since a good amount of time, but now with their newest release they’re calling themselves as Kiss Kiss Kiss version 2.0.

The band released the debut Release The Birds in 2010, a very danceable and upbeat 12-track album. It was a successful debut, with its release by a big label, but given the need for a more commercial approach to their musical skills the band felt an absence of artistic freedom. For their newest album, they untied from previous contracts, moved to Lisbon for eight months, and after that to Denmark’s countryside, to complete Ponte 25, of considerably more intense experimental character, which was released by their own label on October 15th.

Ponte 25 got its name from the “25 de Abril” Bridge, in Lisbon, the surrounding scenery for the band’s rehearsal spot in a night club just below the bridge. And with this, I excuse myself making an analogy to the bridge theme: the music from the album, a total of ten songs comprising almost thirty minutes, feels like a bungee jump. It’s like an intense and frenetic rush of adrenaline reaching all your body’s extremities.

Yes, it’s very intense, and comprises a vast number of references for the guys – from a more laid back approach to hip-hop style, working with Indian raga guitar in the “Ponte 25” track, to the heavy beat of guitar distortions with some airy pinches and vague vocals in the single track “In It Deep”, which brings out a more shoegaze side to the album. Also, the band leave room to show some of their musical references in this album, such as in “Castle Of The Hawk”, where at the beginning it’s possible to hear a sample from John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”, and also the track “Natur”, which, to one of the band’s members, evokes the feelings of an experience with Kraftwerk’s “Megaherz”.

From this newest album, you can expect a lot of artistic freedom, a balance of experimental electronics and tender flicks of natural sound, and a very open-minded attitude. By the way, it’s worth mentioning the album’s release party: the band playing in a night bus equipped with psychedelic lights and smoke running through the city of Copenhagen. Hell yeah. Since we all missed that ride I suggest you plan your own, as it’s possible to stream the full album over at the band’s website. For now check out the video for the single “In It Deep”.

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