Introducing: Movement

Movement promo photo

You know when you go to a show to see one band but are then unexpectedly blown away by the opening band to a point where you feel like you’re satisfied and don’t even need to see the headlining act for it to be a successful evening? That’s what happened when these guys blew me away with their live show a few weeks back.

Movement formed in Sydney about a year ago and was originally a duo consisting of Sean Walker (percussion, samples) and Jesse James Ward (bass, synths) until becoming a trio with the recent addition of vocalist Lewis Wade. The self-described “minimal soul” trio names ’90s R&B and more recent acts The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and The xx as primary influences, which is very obviously noted in the band’s music, as they seem to be putting together something like what you would imagine a Frank Ocean song produced by Jamie xx would sound like. In our conversation, they also added that they “would love people to say that they made memories with our music – the idea of someone relating our music to an adventure or an experience is something that we would love to see happen”.

The band’s debut single, “Feel Real”, is a sexy number that channels the minimalist production of The xx in conjunction with classic, sultry R&B vocals that make this one of the sexiest songs of the year. It’s got that tropical, Jamie xx feel that’s heard in “Far Nearer”, but also a feel of its own that’s all Movement. The band recently took a month off to finish writing and producing six new tracks, all of which should see the light of day sometime in early 2013. These new songs were played at their recent opening stint at Sydney’s Goodgod, which I was lucky enough to attend, and I can attest that these six new tracks are absolute gems that solidify the fact that these guys intend to stick around.

For a band that’s been around for barely a year, their live show was impeccable – even as it was only their second show ever with Lewis (before Lewis joined the band, the two would use samples and sometimes sing themselves for live performances). They out-xx-ed The xx with their sultry minimalism and soulful vocals as they performed like they’ve been doing this for years. The freshness of their music is conveyed even better live than on record, so if you’re lucky enough to live in Australia, these guys will be in Melbourne (their first show there!) supporting fellow Aussie synthpoppers, Strange Talk, on November 23rd, and then they’re back in Sydney supporting Teen Daze the following week. Be sure to catch them if you can, and either way have a listen to “Feel Real” below.

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