Introducing: NRK1


You know how hip bands are all abandoning vowels so they have awkward names that you don’t know how to pronounce until you hear someone else fuck it up and some pretentious hipster corrects them (thus validating your pronunciation)? NRK1 is kind of one of those dudes, but within reason. Hailing from Lithuania, Narimantas Venckevicius opted out of the hard-to-pronounce name game by shortening it down to NRK1 (I completely back this).

Mouthful of letters aside, the music is no joke – NRK1 has a wonderful sound that is in-line with the crazed and burgeoning future boogie/UK garage scene (whatever that might mean to you – ahem, deep house). Regardless of genre, NRK1 delivers a good clean sound consistent with the likes of Jacques Greene - future garage with synthy backdrops, the perfect amount of bass beats, and a bit of a punch in his step.

The label he hails from, Black Bakery Label, is home to a few fellow mates of NRK1, including Gilus – who does a lovely remix of the NRK1 track “Circling”. It has certainly been on repeat since I have discovered NRK1, offering a nice progression of bouncy beats. While “Circling” was his first release, much more momentum was built with the release of Gilus’ Feelin / He Is debut EP. From there I ventured into the “Cloud Shaping” mixtape – almost forty minutes of a varying feel between post-dubstep and minimal. There’s definitely an incorporation of trappier sounds (I know, I know) with a future bass feel. (Do these genres make sense to you anymore? I feel like I kind of hate myself for spurting these out so naturally.)

NRK1 is going to put out a new album soon (no date yet); from there, I expect him to gain some traction. He is still rolling things out, but I do see big things – if not just more fun beats – from him. Check out the tracks mentioned above and expect your feet to pitter-patter a bit at your desk. Also, check this dude’s Facebook: it’s awesome, he posts good stuff – just can’t read a damn thing because it’s in Lithuanian.

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