Introducing: ON AN ON

ON AN ON press photo promo shot

ON AN ON may be a new name on the scene – the indie-rock trio only just formed in August 2012 – but its members are no newcomers. Alissa Ricci (keyboardist and the band’s only girl), Nate Eiesland and Ryne Estwing - along with Jason and Baron Harper - were already collaborating in Chicago-based indie-pop band Scattered Trees. In fact, we introduced them long ago, back in 2010. After ten years and three albums as Scattered Trees, the Harper brothers decided to leave the band in August of last year. The three remaining members were left to face many decisions: should they choose a new name? Form a new band and recruit members?

The recording studio had already been booked prior to August and everything was ready for the follow-up to Scattered Tree’s last album, 2011′s Sympathy, so the newly named ON AN ON decided to give it a try as a trio. The outcome of that decision is their debut album, Give In. Released on January 29th by Los Angeles label Roll Call Records, it definitely presents a fresh new start for the band. Give In is a masterpiece in music production craftsmanship – no surprise, since it was recorded with the help of producer Dave Newfeld, who is behind the success of other great bands such as Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos!.

Give In is a pleasure for the ears both when listening as a whole and when randomly picking a song. The flow between the ten tracks is flawless, and all are equally as great. However, my favorite is definitely “Cops”, probably the most dreamy on the album and complete with heavenly vocals. As mentioned, though, there’s more here deserving of attention. Good places to start are “Ghosts”, the first track to be released from the album, and “The Hunter,” released more recently.

It’s difficult to come up with similar artists to ON AN ON, as the band presents a really well-defined sound and manages to create a soundscape that stands out among the new album releases of this first quarter of 2013. It’s no surprise, then, that “The Hunter” has already been featured on MTV’s Buzzworthy while “Ghosts” appeared in a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to boast your knowledge of new bands be quick, as they’re clearly on the rise. The band are also touring the USA right now and will embark a European tour in May, and it’ll be a good place to show off your knowledge.

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