Introducing: Postiljonen

Postiljonen promo photo

Sweden did it again: this autumn another great band has crossed Scandinavia’s frosty sea bringing you some cosy dream pop that will warm up these cold November nights.

Their name is Postiljonen (The Postman) and they come from Stockholm, Scandinavia’s capital of cool (OK, it being my new home-town, I admit I might be slightly biased in my opinion). Mia Bøe, Joel Nyström Holm and Daniel Sjörs got together in September 2011 and since then they have released new tunes mainly through their Tumblr. In the past few weeks they have been quite active in Stockholm’s indie scene, opening at The Sound of Arrows’ and Wild Nothing’s concerts. Not bad for a band that hasn’t had any official release out yet.

If you want to get jealous and see how cool life in the land of IKEA is, have a look at their videos: the latest one “How Will I Know / All That We Had Is Lost” was released on November 7th and was directed by Ty Olson. It features beautiful young Swedes taking a bath in a bathroom furnished in perfect Scandinavian style, walking in nature, sailing in the archipelago… and yes, it’s really that beautiful.

As most Swedish artists, they sing in English but the enthusiasts of Swedish language can enjoy the track “Dit Bara Drömmar Når” (Sorry, my Swedish skills are still too poor to provide you with an English translation. All you need to know is that “drömmar” means dreams, and that’s enough).
The mix of ethereal wave elements and a pinch of melancholy is peculiar to other Swedish soundscape artists: dreamgaze duo I Break Horses in particular. But there are also a number of musical affinities with Cascine’s World Tour and Hybris / Matinée’s Azure Blue. Being Postiljonen‘s sound typically Scandinavian, it’s extremely difficult to compare them with other international artists.

“We Raise Our Hearts” and “Rivers” have a more balearic vibe, and that’s another genre where the Swedes are undisputed masters: Korallreven, jj, Air France, and ceo, just to mention a few. While listening to those two songs, all you’ll want to do is go down to the harbor and untie the knots of your catamaran – if only you had one – to spend a lazy day sunbathing in the middle of the sea.
For all those who have autumn / winter blues: the tracks are all available for downloading through the band’s SoundCloud, so I would suggest that you store them securely on your laptops and iPods and play them whenever the darkness, the cold and the rain make you long for next summer.

Connect with Postiljonen: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud