Introducing: Rush Midnight

Rush Midnight promo photo

Nowadays with the democratic exposure of music through the Internet, we can easily get in touch with diverse projects from the artists we love, and also discover great music by musicians who accompany these artists. Just to point out a few great acts that follow that route: there’s S. Carey, who also plays in Bon Iver; BAHAMAS, the solo project of Feist‘s former guitarist Afie Jurvanen; and TRUST, a Canadian duo, one of whom also plays drums in Austra.

And so it is for Rush Midnight, the solo project of Russ Manning, who used to play bass for Twin Shadow. Soon you’ll be able to hear his hip debut EP, +1, as it’s about to be released on October 30th by Cascine. For now, you can delight yourself with its opening track, “The Night Was Young Enough”, which compounds all the rhythms the artist wants to bring up. Called a “smooth music provocateur”, Manning creates sensual music that could inspire dance moves in a club or fit perfectly in a more intimate moment. His music was created in the gaps of an intense touring schedule with George Lewis Jr. (the man behind Twin Shadow, for those who are not familiar), with long nights on the road and demos recorded in hotel rooms. Lewis also contributed in the production of some tracks on the +1 EP.

As for Manning’s music, besides the natural influence of his years playing in Twin Shadow, the sound embraces his foundations in jazz. Listeners can expect to hear some funky bass tunes combined with the glam-synth power of the eighties, but all with an avant-garde talent. The artist also points out the influence of his travels – to Australia, Brazil and Europe – which shows his willingness to face different adventures. But he also goes back to his roots; a guy born and bred in Brooklyn, it’s possible to say that there’s a lot of New York in this record. For me, it feels like it could fit really well in a movie called Light Sleeper, which shows the city of New York in the Nineties, with all of its complexities and mysteries of the night – when you can feel the thrill in the air and just imagine unexpected adventures to come. After all, I think that Manning couldn’t have chosen a better moniker to this music project than Rush Midnight.

While we all wait for his debut, you can head over to his Soundcloud to hear some really cool remixes that go in the same vibe, and to Cascine‘s to stream “The Night Was Young Enough”. Since that won’t be enough (trust me), don’t miss the video for this groovy tune below.

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