Introducing: Sink Tapes

Sink Tapes promo photo

I can say with great conviction that Sink Tapes is a band too important to languish in obscurity.  Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Gabe, Ricky, Alex, and Tom have achieved a certain level of avant-garde, indie rock that manages to be both contemporary and nostalgic. Deeply rooted in influences from The Velvet Underground to The Replacements, the strength of Sink Tapes resides in their ability to channel their influences while still remaining completely original. The band really proved themselves in their 2010 debut album, Same Strange Dream, which was recorded, produced, and released completely independently. With sharp guitar riffs, delicate vocals, and easy, paced drums, Sink Tapes produce strong, well constructed songs that will definitely secure them a place in the future of indie.

Since their first album, Sink Tapes have released a handful of songs that are set to appear on their upcoming record, Please Touch. Among them are “My Special Agent”, “Same Strange Dream” and “Lou Is Cooler Than You”. There is a fluid cadence in all of these tracks that gives what are fairly basic sentiments great poise. “My Special Agent” begins slow and refined but builds up in piercing guitars and pulsed, precise drums. There is an effortlessly graceful flow to this track that offers an almost mesmerizing dynamic. “Same Strange Dream” lingers in the same sort of primitive, melancholy tone as “My Special Agent”. With the drums and bassline carrying a more upbeat melody and rhythm, the guitars are wedded in a sort of vintage reverb that adds a bit of a sticky ambient dynamic. It’d make sense if the Lou referred to in “Lou Is Cooler Than You”, were Lou Reed, because this song really revives that pop sensibility coined by The Velvet Underground. In this track, you really get to appreciate the vocals over a more consistent, melodic guitar riff. All of these songs offer great reason to suggest that Sink Tapes’ new record will be very promising. With such intimate, carefully crafted, and personalized detail, this band is sure to thrive in whatever they wipe their hands on.

There really are few current bands comparable to Sink Tapes. There is a very admirable timeless quality to these guys.  Lucky for us, this four-piece is quite prolific. Their new album, Please Touch, is set to drop later this year as a digital download, alongside a 3-song 7” inch vinyl. The group is also in the process of working on new material for yet another album for the coming year.  They’ve also got a couple of upcoming shows, listed below – shows that I highly urge you to check out if they’re in your area. For your listening pleasure, you can stream newly released tracks “The Soul Is In The Kitchen” and “Written In The Trees”, as well as “Same Strange Dream”. Check out their SoundCloud for more, and you can also download the Same Strange Dream album via Big Cartel for only $5.00! You’d be smart to get your hands on anything that these guys have offered, as they have definitely established themselves as respectable musicians to look forward to.

Upcoming Shows:

  • Oct. 24  | Trash Bar | Brooklyn, NYC
  • Oct. 27  | Paradise Lost | New Brunswick, NJ
  • Nov. 24 | Ace Bar | Chicago, IL
  • Nov. 25 | Marshalls 20 Lanes | Cleveland, Ohio

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