Introducing: The Skins

In my estimation there is no current band more necessary to music than The Skins.  With an energy and charm unmatched, this Brooklyn five piece has revived every bad ass sentiment of Rock and Roll and matched it with a soulful force. Channelling iconic influences that stretch from Aretha Franklin to Led Zeppelin, The Skins transcend genres, creating a universal appeal. Wedded in rowdy guitar riffs, unbelievably soulful vocals, and precise drums, they are a musical commodity destined for great success.

Made up of siblings Bayli, Reef, and Kaya Mckeithan, along with friends Daisy Spencer and Russel Chell, The Skins have established themselves as a band to look forward to. Earlier this year, they released their self-titled EP and it proved nothing short of incredible. Only three tracks long, this EP achieves a potential that some LP’s never peak.  It is clear in each song that every layer of instrumentation was carefully crafted and personalized down to the very last detail. “Summertime” opens the EP with a longing for seasonal love. The arrangements are tight and sharp and the vocals are wedded in strong emotion.  “Going Down” is packed with penetrating guitar riffs and an incredibly captivating melody.  The guitar solos in this song are absolutely unbelievable. The EP closes with “Ocean”, another song filled with extremely poignant guitar riffs and exceptionally soulful vocals. These three tracks exceed expectations for an introduction EP, all evidence of how ground-breaking The Skins truly are.

I owe my exposure of The Skins to Adrian Grenier’s Wreckroom project. The band landed two featured live performances on Grenier’s blog and he has since proudly promoted them at every opportunity (rightfully so). The band’s live performances proved to be even more stimulating than their recorded material. Every song is layered with such an intense energy and each member is equally as entertaining to watch. Both performances featured new songs, the first titled “Surf” - a mesmerizing song that carries a certain anxious anticipation. It begins slow and mysterious and transcends into a smooth, bold rock and roll track. Their second featured song, “Killer”, is a song of yearning. The bass and guitar carry the melody over paced, consistent drums. Both performances are executed with such an intense energy that it’s almost intimidating. Bayli establishes herself as one hell of a front-woman, and the rest of the band proves that they can keep up too.

This band is a contagious force; they grab your attention and they keep it. If you’re lucky enough to live around the Brooklyn area, be sure to check out one (or all) of their live performances. They supported UK band The Heavy on a sold out tour this past summer and have also confirmed an upcoming performance at the Brooklyn Bowl on October 8. For those of you who live too many miles away, I’ve included a live performance of the song “Killer” (via the Wreckroom) and a link to stream and download their Wreckroom performances and EP via Bandcamp. Nothing I can say here will even come close to approximating the brilliance of this five piece, so click the play button and prepare yourself to be awed by a band that will single-handedly restore your faith in our generations’ youth.

Upcoming Shows:

  • October 8, 8pm, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
  • October 15, 8:30pm, The Apollo
  • October 19, The Paperbox
  • The Wreckroom Showcase: October 20, Fontana’s

Connect with The Skins: Facebook | Twitter | | Bandcamp