Introducing: Wannabe Jalva

Wannabe Jalva promo photo

I find really cool that, when attending a concert, besides getting impressed by the band which I went to see, additionally I have a really good time with the opening act. This is also valid for concerts with multiple acts when you previously don’t know one of the bands and they totally blow your mind. Well, that’s exactly how I got to know Wannabe Jalva and thought of sharing their greatness in an Introducing piece.

In an evening of three very distinctive acts, from grunge to rock to dream pop, Wannabe Jalva, with their experimental rock, got the public dancing wildly and surprised my friends and me, unanimously being decreed the best act of that concert night for us. In my constant process of trying to know the Brazilian independence scene better, I haven’t paid attention to them before, but with a quick search on the internet, it’s possible to see that they have been mentioned here and there by a couple of Brazilian blogs since their formation, back in 2010.

The band consists of four members, who switch between instruments: Rafael Rocha and Felipe Puperi on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards; Tiago Abrahão on guitar, bass and keyboards and Fernando Paulista on drums. From their start to the present day, they have had some epic moments in their trajectory: they were selected to open Pearl Jam’s concert at Porto Alegre city, their hometown; shared stages with Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club at the 2011 M/E/C/A/ Festival; and this year, at the same festival, with The Rapture, Mayer Hawthorne and CSS.

As band members take over different instruments, this brings great dynamics and an instant freshness to their sound, which has lots of guitar riffs and steady drums. And also by having two lead singers plus some choral moments in their songs, there’s a definite parallel with the sound of Portugal. The Man.

Their debut album, “Welcome To Jalva”, came out in June of 2011, and has seven tracks of big energy and experimentalism. The lyrics range from broken loves to hard partying (oh contemporary youth, what more is needed?!). It’s possible to check out the album entirely by stream at their Facebook page and Soundcloud, or grab a free download at their website. For now, have a listen to two songs: “Something New” and “You And I”. Also, don’t miss the video recorded for a special session set by a famous Brazilian indie blog, Popload, in which the guys play an exquisite mashup of “On’n’On” from Justice with “Kashmir” from Led Zeppelin. Well, they know how to do great experiments!

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