Introducing: Yehan Jehan & Antimatter People

Yehan Jehan & Antimatter People press shot promo image Listen Before You Buy Introducing

Ever heard of Peacock Baroque & roll? That’s what Yehan Jehan & Antimatter People play. Mix Yeasayer‘s taste for experimental music with a hint of Yann Tiersen‘s classical influence, add a touch of Tame Impala‘s psychedelic waves and you will get a sense of what YJ&AP is like. The teaser fully captures their real music and visual style balancing tension between old and new, tradition and experimentation in an appealing fusion of kaleidoscopes, peacock tails and moon shots.

The five-piece East London based band is lead by young composer Yehan Jehan (guitars, vocals, keys) supported by Elliott Arndt (flute, keys, percussions and vocals), Mikko Hirvikallio (guitars and keys), Spencer Lezaja (bass and vocals) and Callum Brow (drums). Since 2011, YJ&AP has started playing at several venues around London, receiving extremely positive critiques to their eclectic live performances and sophisticated melodies, often compared to the sound of Serge Gainsbourg, Grizzly Bear and funk producer David Axelrod.

The Baroque & roll talent that is YJ&AP combines the beauty of “real” instruments that may have a minor role in the rock & roll tradition, such as the flute, with the will of departing from norms. Single “Chamber”, for example, represents their more classical side well. Their latest work, EP I from earlier this year, is a well structured escalation path from the classical (“The Alignment”) to the psychedelic (“Being”), laying the groundwork for their current experimental style. The entire EP is available for download via the band’s Soundcloud.

Their fanbase is now growing and the London band now has a new single out, “PHOSPHENE”, that you can stream below. Just like in “The Clouds Collide”, the psychedelic sixties twist more evident than ever. Don’t stop at just listening to the song though – the video is worth watching too. Perfectly matching the kaleidoscopic art cover, the footage is a pleasure for the eyes: warm orange filters, galactic shots and glo-fi lights make “PHOSPHENE” aesthetically perfect. After all, attention to detail and vibrant visuals are YJ&AP’s trademark.

Following remarkable performances, among theme Special Showcase at St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church in London, the band is now up for new venues.

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