ASTR is a duo based out of New York who share passion for yoga, synths, and reworking your perception of pop and electronica by incorporating hip-hop undertones and, frankly, a supa' hot female lead.


So little is known – so many questions – so many things, ALL OF THE THINGS! ASTR! All we know about ASTR is that they are a New York-based duo (Zoe and Adam!) who met three years ago at a yoga class. First of all, believable: look at this smokin’ pic they provided us with. Second of all, I can’t even imagine talking to anyone as I’m sweating my ass off in the plank position barely breathing. Thirdly, I’m so glad they did – because the fruit of their meeting is our collective enjoyment in the present. Imagine if Lana Del Rey were way cooler and sassier, then put against Salva-esque electronic back-beats.

They cite their inspirations on Facebook as “cinema noire, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes”. This makes sense to me. It’s not blatant electronic pop beats, but something with a touch of knowing sarcasm in it. ASTR is the cool girl at school who makes her own clothing and goes to warehouse parties at the weekend. ASTR is the hot dude in skinny jeans who can actually grow a beard. This makes sense: Zoe is a New York native and former major label refugee (this looks good on her, breaking free from a big label to do what she wants creatively), while Adam is a recovering vinyl addict with a penchant for ’60s and ’70s cinema scores, disco, and the fingers for anything with keys or strings (be it vintage synths, guitar or bass). Who doesn’t love disco and vintage synths…? I’m in love.

They open with a new song, “Operate” – a little distorted, slightly hip-hop inspired (now that I think about it, fuck Lana del Rey: this has an Iggy Azalea feel), with soulful vocals and very well done production. Watch out, y’all: new stars on the scene, and a front lady never looked so good. ASTR mixes up pop with electronic in a way that reminds me of Iggy meets XXXY meets Rihanna when she was super fresh. If you’re in the New York area, I would try to catch them at their premiere show (given their home field advantage, it should be super sweet) – tickets can be bought here.

A personal aside: how freakin’ awesome is it that they’re also playing alongside Strange Talk, who I introduced on this very site three years ago? Crazy, right? Or maybe not, I just thought I’d throw it in there.

Check out ASTR – they’re great on record; someone please go to the show (I wish I could) and report back on how great they are live?!

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