Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos, the Brooklyn based, RnB-influenced pop singer, is tantalizingly close to revealing her second album “Black Terry Cat” next month and is touring with Neon Indian around the US in promotion of a record that is sure to be her entrance into the big time. Rubinos’ backstory involves one very well received album critically, that received very little traction publicly. It was an experimental ‘finding a sound’ kind of album that had so many interesting moments – with funky basslines, jazzy piano progressions, post punk riffs and intense Battles-esque percussion – but no overall unifying cohesion. The one thing that stood out through the eclectic themes was Rubinos’ powerful high register. It appears so effortless for her, to not only unleash such a booming high pitch, but sustain it.

Almost 3 years later, with some sporadic touring in the mix, Xenia Rubinos seems more refined, more confident and ready for her music to be appreciated on the scale in which it deserves. The first single off the soon to be released new album “Lonely Lover” is a much more sultry affair from what we are used to from her past singles. It bounces along with only a plodding bassline, a tightly tuned snare and Rubinos’ amazing fluttering vocals; but the special ingredient is Rubinos’ ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. It is a melodically marvellous soulful pop song and gets me very excited for the new album which is set to be released on June 3 through ANTI.