[Best Albums Of 2011] – Complete List

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As is now customary on Listen Before You Buy, we spent the entire month of December counting down our top 31 albums of 2011, revealing a new album on the list each day.

Since we think that you guys are already pretty savvy when it comes to the best music around, we didn’t bother giving you paragraph after paragraph of why we think an album deserves the position we gave it (with the exception of the #1), so instead we gave you the information about each artist and album we thought you might need, links to connect with each artist, the artwork for the album as well as links to win every album on the list and a stream of the entire album, all for free!

Now that 2011 is officially behind us, the list is done (congrats to 1,2,3!), and the contest is almost finished, it’s only right that we round up the entire list for you to peruse at your leisure. As for the contest, we received more than 203 entries in the last five days alone, so it’s going to take us a few days to get everything together and pick a winner, but in the meantime check out the list below and give some of your time to the albums you didn’t listen to or haven’t heard of.

Thanks to everyone who took part, the bands and labels for giving up their vinyls for free to you to win, and everyone who’s been with us and helped spread the word in 2011. Hang around and do the same in 2012, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. 1,2,3 – “New Heaven”
  2.  Yuck – “Yuck”
  3. James Blake – “James Blake”
  4. St. Vincent – “Strange Mercy”
  5. Dreamers Of The Ghetto – “Enemy/Lover”
  6. Shabazz Palaces – “Black Up”
  7. The Antlers – “Burst Apart”
  8. Youth Lagoon – “The Year Of Hibernation”
  9. Radiohead – “The King Of Limbs”
  10. The Weeknd – “House Of Balloons”
  11. Active Child – “You Are All I See”
  12. Nerves Junior – “As Bright As Your Night Light”
  13. tUnE-yArDs – “W H O K I L L”
  14. Bon Iver – “Bon Iver, Bon Iver”
  15. Dumbo Gets Mad – “Elephants At The Door”
  17. Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”
  18. Girls – “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”
  19. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Unknown Mortal Orchestra”
  20. Starfucker – “Reptilians”
  21. Wild Beasts – “Smother”
  22. Cults – “Cults”
  23. Lanterns On The Lake – “Gracious Tide, Take Me Home”
  24. Ghost Heart – “The Tunnel”
  25. Bag Raiders – “Bag Raiders”Listen,
  26. Frank Ocean – “Nostalgia, Ultra”
  27. Braids – “Native Speaker”
  28. Eleanor Friedberger – “Last Summer”
  29. Wilco – “The Whole Love”
  30. Young Montana – “Limerence”
  31. Washed Out – “Within And Without”