Bob Dylan Announces New Album ‘Tempest’, Tracklisting + Album Art

From being the “voice of a generation” to plugging in, from being wrecking his motorcycle to writing the most painstakingly heartbreaking album ever recorded, from visiting boxers in jail to giving himself to God, and from making great records into his fourth decade to performing on a Never-Ending Tour, Bob Dylan is the most versatile and unpredictable artist in music. In the past 50 years, Dylan has released 34 studio albums.

Well, get ready. Tempest has been announced. His 35th studio album will feature ten new tracks. I’m hoping that this album will be just as good as his past few albums – you know, Together Through Life, Modern Times, “Love and Theft”, and Time Out of Mind. If so, we’re in for a treat on September 11. Then again, he’s Bob Dylan. He could make anything.

You can read the official statement here. And now, I leave you with a Rolling Thunder Revue performance, circa 1974, of the lead track of Blood on the Tracks.


  1. “Duquesne Whistle”
  2. “Soon After Midnight”
  3. “Narrow Way”
  4. “Long and Wasted Tears”
  5. “Pay in Blood”
  6. “Scarlet Town”
  7. “Early Roman Kings”
  8. “Tin Angel”
  9. “Tempest”
  10. “Roll On John”

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