Flying Lotus Releases A Free Album Of Outtakes

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus has just dropped a mediafire linking to a zip entitled Ideas+drafts+loops, which is what I’ve decided to call this album of outtakes, on his twitter. It’s entirely free, and features the likes of The Underachievers, Viktor Vaugh (that’s MF DOOM), Earl Sweatshirt, Baths, Mapei, Shabazz Palaces, a remake of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead”, and even Captain Murphy himself (that’s FlyLo when he’s rapping). You should thank FlyLo that it costs nothing, as you could make a pretty penny of that roster.

There’s some great pieces here, one of my favourites on the first listening being the Shabazz Palaces track “Hide Me”. As usual, it’s wonderfully produced and is full of great sounds and moments. Being a collection of 24 tracks, some of which go beyond the 4 minute mark, there’s a lot of wonderful stuff to discover and mull over. It’s certainly worth the time. Does this conclusively prove that Flying Lotus is actually Santa? Like Burial, we’ll never know.

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