[Best Of 2010] – Complete List

From December 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010 I posted my top 31 albums of the year, counting down the next album on my list as each day passed.

With each entry I had a stream of the entire album, an MP3 from the album, big album artwork, links to connect with the artist as well as multiple links to purchase the album on various formats.  Alongside the countdown I was running a contest where you could win the top three albums on vinyl, just by either sharing each new entry on Twitter or on Facebook.  The response to that was awesome, I got A LOT of entries, a lot of shares, and a lot of retweets that helped to spread the word and give you all more of a chance of winning.

But I realise that there are some people in the world (only a few) who might’ve missed all of the fun and whilst I can’t put your names into the drawing for the vinyl, I can give you a rundown of my top 31 albums in a nice listy fashion.  All of the albums I posted are still available to listen to before you buy them, so give them a look and see if there’s something you missed last year.

The winner of the contest will be announced shortly, for those of you wondering.  Thanks to everyone who took part and helped spread the word and keep an eye out for some great updates on the way.  2011 is going to be awesome for Listen Before You Buy and I’m taking this site to the next level (that’s level 2, by the way, I finally beat the end-level boss man from level one after six tries).

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  1. Sleigh Bells – “Treats”
  2. How To Dress Well – “Love Remains”
  3. Glasser – “Ring”
  4. The Tallest Man On Earth – “The Wild Hunt”
  5. Beach House – “Teen Dream”
  6. Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”
  7. Future Islands – “In Evening Air”
  8. The Drums – “The Drums”
  9. Harlem – “Hippies”
  10. Gayngs – “Relayted”
  11. Perfume Genius – “Learning”
  12. The Black Keys – “Brothers”
  13. Vampire Weekend – “Contra”
  14. Suckers – “Wild Smile”
  15. Burnt Ones – “Black Teeth & Golden Tongues”
  16. Jaill – “That’s How We Burn”
  17. Frightened Rabbit – “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks”
  18. Junip – “Fields”
  19. Deerhunter – “Halcyon Digest”
  20. LCD Soundsystem – “This Is Happening”
  21. Avi Buffalo – “Avi Buffalo”
  22. Surfer Blood – “Astro Coast”
  23. The National – “High Violet”
  24. Twin Shadow – “Forget”
  25. Tu Fawning – “Hearts On Hold”
  26. Local Natives – “Gorilla Manor”
  27. The Hundred In The Hands – “The Hundred In The Hands”
  28. Yeasayer – “Odd Blood”
  29. Kisses – “Heart Of The Nightlife
  30. Belle & Sebastian – “Belle & Sebastian Write About Love”
  31. Baths – “Cerulean”

The Black Angels - “Young Men Dead”