[Desert Island Discs #1] – Teen Daze – [Artist]

If you’re unaware of the concept behind Desert Island Discs, check out the basic pitch I gave the artists and bloggers I got in touch with.  If you’re an artist or blogger and want to take part,  just send your submission with the eight pieces of music (not the actual mp3s) and some words about each one to admin (@) listenbeforeyoubuy (dot) net.

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First up is Teen Daze who doesn’t like to give too much away about himself (it’s because he’s so handsome that he doesn’t want people tracking him down just to be next to him), but what he does give away is “all I really say about myself is that I’m from Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I’m releasing my record on July 22 (digitally) and August 10 (physically), both through Arcade Sound LTD!”

Listen to Teen Daze below and keep in touch with him – MySpace | Twitter | Tumblr

0. Teen Daze“Saviour”

1. Miles Davis“Blue In Green”

This is my all-time favourite song.  From the first time I heard it, I knew it had hit me on a level deeper than most songs.  It’s an amazing example of how a song can be technically brilliant, but also hit the listener on a much more emotional level.  So often these two can’t really co-exist; the technically proficient stuff tends to be over most people’s heads, but not this track.  It’s truly a beautiful song.

2. Daft Punk“Too Long”

Daft Punk has always been my favourite electronic band, and Discovery one of my favourite records.  I can remember hearing it for the first time in like Grade 11, and having it be such a positive record.  In a time like that in someone’s life, when apathy and confusion are so common, it was so amazing to have such an upbeat, encouraging record be something prevalent in my life.  This track is the closing track on the record, and I think it sums up the whole album quite nicely; instantly catchy, danceable and such a totally positive jam.

3. The Beach Boys“God Only Knows”

Pet Sounds was one of the first records I can ever remember listening to.  My parents were big Beach Boys fans, so I heard this one a lot growing up.  It’s one record that’s always seemed to mean something different to me at different points in my life.  Once I was old enough to recognize the musical merit to the record, and not just take it as a California pop record, this song seemed to stand out as one of the most powerful songs on the record.  Brian Wilson is a complete genius, and this song has been an inspiration to so much of the music that I make.

4. Here We Go Magic“Collector”

This is a pretty new track, and so I haven’t had all that long of a relationship with it, but I can safely say that it’s been one of my most listened to songs in the last few months.  Again, the positivity that this song puts out is just so good.

5. Washed Out“Feel It All Around”

Washed Out has been a huge influence on my whole Teen Daze project, and I think this track sums up everything that I love about Ernest’s work.  If I really was stuck on a deserted island, I feel like this track could help me recognize some of the beauty surrounding me.

6. Erik Satie“Gymnopedie #1″

I first heard this song on the documentary Man On Wire.  The combination of the incredibly emotional scene, and this incredibly emotional song, was amazing.  Here you can see the beauty in such simple music.  This is just a man and a piano, and yet it still draws out a very emotional response.

7. Sigur Ros“Ágætis Byrjun”

I had the pleasure of travelling Western Europe for three months, a few years ago.  In my travels, I found that I came back to this record more often than not.  It was a perfect soundtrack for long train rides, walking around quiet streets and falling asleep in noisy hostels.  This song especially does it for me; the scene in Heima where the band is playing this in what looks like a school gym is so humbling and powerful.  Another example of how music doesn’t need to be loud in order to evoke a big response.

8. Gobble Gobble“Lawn Knives”

If I’m going to be stuck on a deserted island, I’m going to want to dance a little.  I’ve got to keep my spirits up somehow right?  This is my jam as of late; it’s just so huge, and so much fun.