[Desert Island Discs #11] – Keep Shelly In Athens

All of the songs listed below were personally chosen by the artist or blogger above. I got in touch with a lot of artists and bloggers who were all kind enough to get back to me and take part in Desert Island Discs. If you’re unaware of the concept behind Desert Island Discscheck out the basic pitch I gave the artists and bloggers I got in touch with.  You can support the artists featured by clicking on the album cover and buying their music.

Today’s Desert Island Discs comes all the way from the gorgeous country of Greece on the cusp of the Mediterranean sea, with Keep Shelly In Athens, a two-piece that I’ve posted many times before and who are seemingly incapable of setting a foot wrong.  Everything they’ve been releasing lately, whether it’s new tunes, remixes, b-sides, or videos, hit all the right spots, makes its way around every blog and site on the planet and is met with almost universal acclaim.   They’re set to play their first ever live show in London on June 7th at Madam Jojo’s so if you’re around you might wanna check that out.

Below are the eight pieces of music they’d take with them to be stranded on a desert island with, including one of their own that I added.

Keep Shelly In Athens – “Running Out Of You”

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1 ~ Gang Gang Dance – “Glass Jar”

In a way an epic track, which, however, fills our heart with sun every time we listen to it.

2 ~ Gold Panda – “Marriage” (Star Slinger Remix)

Whenever we are a bit down, we have to listen to it immediately. Something like an anti-depressant, really.

3 ~ Memoryhouse – “Heirloom”

A trademark track for the sound of Memoryhouse, a band which makes you travel around the earth and the universe with its every track or remix. However, you have to complement listening to this song with viewing the video made for it by Jamie Harley, to understand why this track and generally the music of Memoryhouse, if it had a face, it would be the face of Tina Aumont.

4 ~ Cali Swag District and Toro Y Moi – “Teach Me How To Dougie”

When we first listened to it we could not believe how beautifully “Thanks Vision” matched with “Teach Me How to Dougie”. The music of Toro Y Moi truly lifts this track off.

5 ~ Okinawa Lifestyle – “So Near”

There it is, then, a track that we could call sexy or, if you prefer, sensual. We love it!

6 ~ Cocteau Twins – “The Itchy Glowbo Blow”

There are no words to describe how much we love this track. But even if there were, it would not matter. The only thing that matters is this ambience, these melodies, these words. Haven’t you pressed play yet?

7 ~ Groove Armada – “Paris”

This intro, these synthesizers, these lyrics take your breath away, they bring back so many memories; and even if you do not have such memories, you will have to invent them. Perfect!

8 ~ Vangelis – “The Bounty (End Theme)”

If you sit on a beach and gaze out at the sea, or on a rooftop at a big city and you stare at the chaos below, or on a mountain and you stare at the fields or the stars, or if you are simply in your room but you listen to this music, then you too might feel that there is indeed within us this thing that in the old days they called a soul.