[Desert Island Discs #3] – The Dirty Cuts – [Artist]

If you’re unaware of the concept behind Desert Island Discs, check out the basic pitch I gave the artists and bloggers I got in touch with.  If you’re an artist or blogger and want to take part,  just send your submission with the eight pieces of music (not the actual mp3s) and some words about each one to admin (@) listenbeforeyoubuy (dot) net.

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Today’s Desert Island Discs is by Glaswegian New-Wave Pop-Punks The Dirty Cuts.  It’s been a few months since I last had them on the site but their timing is pretty sweet since they got this to me just before their latest single was released on Tuesday.  Due to my scheduling conflicts I couldn’t get their DiD up on Tuesday, but today’s the day.  If you check out my post from back in April you can hear three of their songs and below you can hear their latest single “Yummy Mummy”, all of which are available from iTunes.

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The Dirty Cuts – Yummy Mummy by ListenBeforeYouBuy

1. David Bowie“Let’s Dance”

If you’re gonna be stuck on a desert island you’ll need a couple of songs to dance to once you’ve figured out how to make moonshine from coconuts. Where better to start than this one. There’s a lot of standout moments- Bowie playing the solo in white gloves (guess I can’t watch that on the island), the lyric ‘serious moonlight’, the intro… It’s just a great collaboration and better than Queen’s attempts at copying Chic. Did you know Stevie Ray Vaughan played the solo? Bowie’s just got the Midas touch – I bet he could polish a shite. At 7:38 We’re getting a bit of value for money too.

2. Hall & Oates“Out Of Touch”

Hall & Oates are the world’s best guilty secret. Normally when an act has a title like ‘the best selling duo of all time’ attached to them it means they’re dull mainstream or The Beatles (same thing) but Hall & Oates are the exception rather than the rule. They’re the most unlikely pop stars by today’s standards but hail from the golden age when even Phil Collins could be a pop star. It’s hard to pick a favourite track but “Out of Touch” is just a great feel-good pop song about dysfunctional relationships. It features the brilliant line ‘Smoking guns hot to the touch, would cool down if we didn’t use them so much’. The music video is an absolute gem as well.

3. Donna Summer“I Feel Love”

I don’t think I could ever tire of this tune. I think it’s a masterpiece. To start with, it’s guaranteed to get you moving, which could be useful on a desert island on a diet of nasty meat and coconuts. And I can imagine it being a good one to make up bad raps to keep your creative juices entertained.

4. Paul Simon“Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes”

Nobody does it like Paul Simon – he puts sunshine in a shaker and pours it all over the Graceland album. So for me it would be the perfect reminder that it’s bloody roasting and there’s nothing to be sad about, even if you’re in exile, and probably burnt.

5. Queen“Don’t Stop Me Now”

For those days when we start to give up hope, put this bad boy on, get a few midgets, some chopped liver and bowls of cocaine (can we ask for luxury item each? obviously I’d take the midgets if we’re only allowed one). It’s the kind of song best put on at the end of a club night, bring the house lights up see how dirty everyone is. Freddie was always up for it, well for a while anyway.

6. Pulp“This Is Hardcore”

This is a good one – dark and classy. Jarvis Cocker was apparently in the depths of despair when he made the This Is Hardcore album. We can stick this on and kill each other Reservoir Dogs style (using coconuts not bullets).

7. David Bowie“Moonage Daydream”

From the “Ziggy Stardust” album, this is Bowie at his swaggering best. Even stuck on a desert island there will be times when you need to glam it up, so get your parrot feather head-dress on, stick this on the stereo and start strutting about like a narcissistic peacock. Guaranteed to make you feel good, it has the greatest opening line to a song ever and one of the best guitar solos ever recorded with Bowie and Ronson sparring like two heavyweights in their prime.

8. The Incredible String Band“October Song”

A little-known gem, this is an almost perfect song with an ethereal, dream like quality. The string band were a Scottish folk group from the Sixties, this song is from their first album. The guitar playing is amazing and Robin Williamson’s vocals are beautiful. Perfect music for feeling thoughtful on a desert island and, as they’re Scottish, it’s good for when you’re feeling homesick too.