[Desert Island Discs #6] – Dead Models – [Artist]

All of the songs listed below were personally chosen by the artist or blogger above. I got in touch with a lot of artists and bloggers who were all kind enough to get back to me and take part in Desert Island Discs. If you’re unaware of the concept behind Desert Island Discs, check out the basic pitch I gave the artists and bloggers I got in touch with.  If you’re an artist or blogger and want to take part,  just send your submission with the eight pieces of music (not the actual mp3s) and some words about each one to admin (@) listenbeforeyoubuy (dot) net.

Today’s Desert Island Discs is brought to you by Dead Models, a U.K. four-piece who released their debut EP a couple of months ago, which can be yours for the sprightly sum of about $3.   Since I featured them back in April they’ve since signed to White Noise Records and (as I said) released their debut EP.

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0. Dead Models“Rosy”

1. The BeatlesPlease Please Me”

Gotta have a Beatles song. Although the later stuff is better in songwriting terms you can’t knock the classics.  Simple stuff that sticks in your head for the rest of your life.  Everything about The Beatles is great, their story is better than any movie could ever conjure up.  Makes you wanna be in a band.

2. The Ronettes - “Be My Baby”

Possibly the best pop song of all time, everything about the song is great.  It’s perfection, really upbeat and only a few minutes long.  Really memorable, I think its one of those songs that is etched into your brain from a young age and everyone knows it, I couldn’t get bored of it.

3. The Percy Faith Orchestra“Theme From A Summer Place”

No matter how many times I hear this song I still get the hairs standing up on the back of my neck.  That’s pretty much just a natural physical sign of greatness, you can’t argue with something that happens without thinking.  I recently heard the original version with lyrics but I still prefer this.  It sounds so massive!!

4. The Doors“The Soft Parade”

The Doors are one of the greatest bands of all time.  This album is sort of unregarded as far as their legacy goes but it’s amazing. Full of strings and horns. This would be a great song to have and to listen to endlessly.

5. Jimi Hendrix“Purple Haze”

One of the most exciting songs going.  It gets the heart racing straight away.  No matter where you are if this song comes on it catches your attention. It’s got a psychedelic feel to it that you’d want if you were starting to go deranged on a deserted island.

6. Oasis“Acquiesce”

Oasis get knocked now mainly cos they aren’t seen as cool or relevant but noone has come close to inspiring bands in the UK.  When they were big they were massive and seemed to have everything that an aspiring musician would want.  The music is just simple stuff but carries a swagger that can lift you in any mood.  This song was a B-Side so it’s not one that has been overly played to death, a proper feel good song.

7. The Strokes - “Hard To Explain”

This ain’t that old but it changed everything. I remember waiting outside the local music shop on a bank holiday to get the album when it came out. It blew my mind, changed my whole outlook on music. I listened to the album 3 times back to back on repeat, I’d never done that before or since. Just reminds me of a great time to be starting out in a band.

8.George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord”

Utterly brilliant. So what if it sounds like that song “He’s So Fine”. This song takes that great melody and runs with it. The slide guitar is so good, I love that Sleepy Jackson copied the sound on “Good Dancers”.  This is one song that will never get boring, just spell binding. The drums don’t come in untill about the 2nd verse and it’s unnoticeable that they were absent, one of the best songs of all time and another classic that has Spector tagged to it.