[Desert Island Discs] – Steffaloo

All of the songs listed below were personally chosen by the artist or blogger above. I got in touch with a lot of artists and bloggers who were all kind enough to get back to me and take part in Desert Island Discs. If you’re unaware of the concept behind Desert Island Discscheck out the basic pitch I gave the artists and bloggers I got in touch with.  You can support the artists featured by clicking on the album cover and buying their music.

Today’s Desert Island Discs is brought to you by Steffaloo, our most recent addition to the growing list of Ones To Watch.  While I go more extensively in the introduction piece that I wrote up about her, these selections depict the sunny disposition Steffaloo intends to stay in if stranded. Check out her must-have list and while you’re at it, check out her must-hear exclusive, “On Fire” [via Losing My Edge], below.

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1 ~ Feist – “Inside And Out”

It was impossible to choose just one track of Feist’s, because all of her music slays me haha.. so I chose two :D, but I chose this song mainly because the lyrics destroy me…they communicate things that I myself have expressed in other ways, perfectly, and the way she sings it melts my soul. It never gets old.

2 ~ Feist – “Feel It All”

I love this one because it reminds me to feel life…all the beauty and joy that it entails, it makes me automatically happy to be alive. You can dance to it or you can sit and think to it.

3 ~ Billie Holiday – “Sun Showers”

This was also a tough choice, because there are so many songs by Billie that I would choose – “Body & Soul”, “Strange Fruit”, and of course “You Go To My Head”.  This one however, seems to be just the right mix between nostalgic and hopeful. It has a way of simply taking from your chest all the things you’ve carried all day…and it just…sets you free I suppose.

4 ~ Purity Ring – “Ungirthed”

Lord knows if I’m stranded on an island I’m gonna need to get my dance on, and this is definitely the song that never fails to get me moving. That, and it just makes me flat out happy!

5 ~ Clive Tanaka – “Neu Chicago”

This is a whole album that I would love to take with me on a stranded island, but I suppose this song will suffice. No matter what you’re feeling, this song will make it all feel better.

6 ~ Stevie Wonder – “Overjoyed”

This is one of my favorite songs…you just can’t go wrong with Stevie and this song just fills me up with joy.

7 ~ Telepopmusik – “Breathe”

Just like the lyrics say, this song reminds me to breathe…kinda takes my mind off of all the heavy things going on and lets me take a deep breath, let out all the heaviness.

8 ~ Jesse Woods – “Neon Rose”

I’m pretty sure I could listen to this song on repeat forever. There’s something about the tone in his voice, the words…it makes me happy and desirous all at the same time.

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