[Discover/Listen/Download] – Felix and Volcano! – [Electronic/Indie/Dance]

Who the fuck knew that fun could be so much fun?

No seriously, who knew that?

Apparently Felix and Volcano! did and it’s instantly evident within the first few bars of their song “Shaadows”, a slow, deliberate, dance groove.  They have a bunch of songs, some you can buy and some you can get for free (check the info tab on their Facebook page) but their most recent slew of songs are like an Electro-Dance-Waltz LCD Soundsystem/Matt & Kim hybrid fronted by Connor Oberst, when in actual fact they’re fronted by Sam Ueda, a 19 year-old from New Hampshire, with help from Aian Constantineau.

I get a bunch of submissions every day and it’s difficult to keep up with them sometimes (that’s what my weekends are for).  When Felix and Volcano! sent me “Shaadows” three days ago I didn’t get the chance to listen to it right away, it ended up taking me about 16 hours unfortunately, but once I did get to listen to it it’s one of those moments (that as The Recommender (who apparently got it at the same time as me but beat me to the punch) points out in their writeup of Felix And Volcano) where someone just sent you something so damn good that you just can’t ignore it, and it doesn’t happen too often.  It’s happened a few times, but Felix And Volcano! have everything they need to take themselves wherever they want to go with their music, they’re just that good.

Check out three of their songs below and go buy their “Grow Rich” EP from their Bandcamp, it’s only $5.

Keep up to date with Felix and Volcano! – MySpace | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Felix and Volcano! – “Shaadows”
Felix and Volcano! – “FRDM?”
Felix and Volcano! – “Boku-Maru”