Download Alison Valentine’s Infectious Disco-Tinged Single ‘Curious’

Alison Valentine

New York City darling Alison Valentine only came across my radar just the other day due to a recommendation of a friend, and man, am I glad for that. As SPIN so perfectly puts it, this new single sounds like something straight of a 2007 Kitsuné compilation.

The former NYU student’s latest single “Curious” is a breath of fresh air full of sensual-yet-quirky vocals, disco-tinged production courtesy of Chrome Canyon, and one of the most massive, radio-ready hooks I’ve heard this year.

There’s something so delicate about “Curious”, so it’s no wonder that Valentine moonlights as a florist who creates arrangements for everyone from Hermes to Yoko Ono. Though, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before she becomes a full-time singer.