[Review/Listen] – Errors – “Have Some Faith in Magic”

Several years back, Errors, a four-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland, made the music industry hungry with anticipation when they were signed on by Mogwai’s label, Rock Action Imprint. The band has come a long way since the days of their humble beginnings when these lads started recording and experimenting with music in frontman Simon Ward’s bedroom. With the promisingly titled “Have Some Faith in Magic”, the band’s third album release, they present a mentionable effort of worthy proportions.

This album is very heavily ridden with synthesizers. For fear of sounding like a bad rehash of the 80s, it can thankfully be admitted that synthesizers are played cleverly to Errors’ forte here. That said, “Have Some Faith in Magic” is a truckload of fun. In a load of tracks, particularly the 6-minute plus song “Magna Encarta”, and my personal favorite off the album, the complex yet fiery-sounding track, “The Knock”, the tracks go about in the way of an ongoing robotic battle of sorts. Boss battles in games circa the Nintendo reign of era comes to mind and thus most of the tracks here manage to give off a digitally nostalgic vibe in an interesting way.

Nicely so, the album doesn’t stay in the same streamline throughout and navigates about exploring different sounds at different paces in a way that does not wreck the symmetry of the whole album. “Have Some Faith in Magic” continues to its first change with the track “Blank Media”. At first listen, you realise how significantly calmer this tine is with its minimalistic twangs and simple synth opener that welcome the listener gradually to a spacey, ambient feel. The listener is then introduced to the first hint of vocals where Errors are of concern. Notably, what Errors has done here is that they have taken a step forward with their post-rock/experimental ways by incorporating vocals. It is obvious, however, that vocals are not a primary element to their music. If anything, the vocals provide more as a filler to enhance their sound, made true especially since there are no lyrics that can be deciphered anyway. But with a post-rock band, that’s more than okay.

Staying true to the post-rock/experimental genre that has exploded in 2011 with the likes of Battles and such, Errors resonates a sound similar to Holy Fuck. With this promising album, there is much to be looked forward to in the direction that Errors is taking in terms of post-rock and it would be nice to see them simply not fall into the category of being another post-rock band that sounds like a diluted version of Mogwai.

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Have Some Faith In Magic by Rock Action Records