[Introducing] – Aerials Up

Go on Scotland, go do your thing (I know Frank is all about the homeland); as he should be, especially with good music coming out of it like Aerials Up. Aerials Up is an outfit from Glasgow, making some serious noise this past year. This is a good one, a seven piecer with a wide range of instruments coming together to make melodically intricate but with a simply beautiful sound. With a few notches in their musical belt, they’ve been associated and played with huge names like Snow Patrol, The Futureheads, Doves, Ash, and Paulo Nutini in 2010 alone (whew, that makes me tired to even think about). Not bad, eh?

I love the violin picking alongside the heavy guitar riffs and balance with the trombone and cello; I mean, come on, amazing. Aerials Up have the talent of mixing a wide array of sounds with the perfect balance. Their playful hooks are crafted like a fine souffle, though it tastes just deliciously good, there’s a level of good mixture and complexity. I will admit I thought we had a Polyphonic Spree thing when I heard there were so many people in the band, but this has a fresh face on it (well, seven fresh faces to be exact). It makes more than sense, it makes happiness. If anything I would love to see them live, it has to be a hoot. The interchanging male to female vocals play off each other that makes you wish you knew all the words to sing along with.

The winners of the 2010 Tartan Clef ‘Emerging Talent’ award are plugging away at turning out things to keep it new and fresh. They sent over ‘Superglue’, its upbeat sound is reminiscent of The Arcade Fire but fresh like Phoenix, there’s even a tinge of the Talking Heads. This track is so fresh I want to squeeze it on my toothbrush and brush my teeth with it… this track is COLGATE. “Superglue” is out February 28th, but down there for your listening pleasure. ‘Stay Awake’ is also there for your perusing; A super fun track to put into your back pocket as well. It’s just straight up sounds good, feel good, be good kind of music; and plus I kind of love that you can hear the leads accent coming through.

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Aerials Up – “Stay Awake”