[Introducing] – Dirty Cousins

Dirty Cousins

There are some bands that I really wish I could have caught early. Bands like The Beatles, The Stones, Nirvana, Sex Pistols… (I’m sure you have yours, maybe you could let me know what they are.). The thing about seeing a band before they make it big is that you get to see them in small venues, dirty, raw and full of energy. Sure some bands are able to keep that energy but you know what happens to the rest.

Dirty Cousins are definitely one of those bands I’m thinking I’d like to catch early. They’re four young guys from Cambridge, UK who play solid Garage Rock the way it should be played, hard, heavy and very loud. With influences ranging from Blur and The Libertines through to White Denim and The Soft Pack, they have crafted some electrifying tracks, particularly in “Blisters” their next single.

Jumping straight for the jugular with crashing guitars and overlaid with a vocal style that has hints of a sneering John Lydon, it gives you some idea of the performance you’d expect if you’re lucky enough to see them. Checking out some of their other tracks on their Soundcloud page (including “Gutter Girls” that I’ve also featured below) I have a feeling they’re the kind of band that will keep that energy too. I’m really looking forward to the EP they’re working on at the moment.

They’re currently gigging when they can so you should get a chance to see them soon (check their Facebook page for details); I know I’m keeping an eye out.

Connect with Dirty Cousins: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Dirty Cousins – “Blisters”
Dirty Cousins – “Gutter Girls” (Rough Mix)