[Introducing] – Edelweiss

Photo by Tobias Hibbs

This is still kinda blowing me away, but let me first off dispel any thoughts you might be having of yodeling from the Swiss alps or lists of some of my favourite things.

I was just heading to bed (it’s 3:29am on a Monday morning) and I checked out the last couple of emails I had unread and there sat an email about this band Edelweiss.  Without reading anything about the band I just clicked on the Bandcamp page and started listening.  What I heard was like a cross between The Virgins, These New Puritans, and Foals; atmospheric and electronic, choruses sung by multiple voices adding texture to the sparse and frigid guitars echoing around the room, and a rhythm and beat that’s reminiscent of each of the above bands.

Oh, I forgot to mention the part that’s blowing me away.  These guys are all aged between 14 and 17.  Yeah, 14 and 17.  Yup.  14 and 17.  Between the ages of 14 and 17 I was growing a shitty beard, playing football (proper football, not the American shite), and learning how to drink irresponsibly.  Maybe that’s why I’m resigned to being a facetious donkey-nozzle online (but at least I’m good at it).  Anyway, it’s not that they’re so young and so good that’s taken me by surprise, but that they sound nothing like young teenagers and more like a band who’ve been playing together for years.

What are they gonna sound like ten years from now when they’ve been recording and touring for years and are just getting outta rehab (hopefully like The Libertines meets LCD Soundsystem)?  The four-piece from Stroudsburg, PA (PA repreSENT!) just released their debut single (produced by Jeremy Sklarsky who’s worked with Freelance Whales, Teenage Fanclub, and The Morning Benders) and below you can hear both songs from said single.

They’re currently unsigned and I don’t see that lasting much longer, but if you wanna help them out then spend the $2 and download both of these tracks from their Bandcamp page.  Enjoy!

Connect with Edelweiss – Facebook | Bandcamp

Edelweiss – (NO) by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Edelweiss – Fiasco by ListenBeforeYouBuy