[Introducing] – Emma Grace

Emma Grace

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes”, David Bowie once sang. A rather apt song to be thinking of at the moment of my return back to the hallowed halls of LBYB after some time away. I’d like to tell you it was to do something grand like climbing Everest but sadly it was changes to personal stuff. All the while I was gone however, I kept an eye on the site and watched it go through some changes of its own, and what great changes they were.

Then I got to choose my first band to feature for my return and came across Emma Grace. I had a listen to a track of theirs, told them I’d like to feature it and keeping in with the general theme, they came back to say they had just made some changes to it! Had to be really, didn’t it?

Quick bio for all you fact fans out there: Emma Grace isn’t a singer called Emma Grace, but Zach Crystal and Sam Sokoloff from Toronto, Canada (both you’ll notice not female or with Emma or Grace in their names). They’ve known each other all their lives and have wanted to be in a band and write music together since they were 5!

With a range of influences from The Beatles to Radiohead, they’re the kind of pair us non-musical types look at in envy as they both play multiple instruments and sing. Oh and create great indie songs like this one.

Stuck In The Air” is a brand new track from the guys that kicks off with a great guitar intro. Bursting into a multi layered mix showcasing their talents, it features a highly catchy chorus and the kind of beat that you can’t help but rock along to. Throw in some strong harmonies and a superbly floaty ending that at first sounds eerily reminiscent of a slowed down Nirvana, this has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

They’re letting us add it as a download here but if you hop over to their bandcamp page you can also get the delightful 6-track 190 EP.

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