[Introducing] – Expensive Looks

Expensive Looks is the creative vehicle of New Yorker Alec Feld, who is forging a reputation as a bedroom psych-pop auteur.  The majority of Expensive Looks’ early tracks are opaque, featuring vocals buried beneath intricate walls of noise, yet somehow Expensive Looks’ pop sensibility is able to shine through even the most intense blasts of sound. Calling these tracks ‘early’ is somewhat disingenuous, too, since they come from last November’s “Dress to Impress” EP.  Still, although “Dress to Impress” features a few tracks that veer toward the dance floor, there is a significant psych undercurrent running through the EP, particularly on tracks like the slow-burn closer “Shy Away.”

Skipping forward a mere few months, Expensive Looks has released two gorgeous tracks that strip away almost all the sonic haze found on “Dress to Impress.”  This allows Expensive Looks to focus on his obvious abilities with electronics, creating moderately danceable electro-pop that still maintains a sinister undertone.  The first track, “Moving Visions” is easily the best track released by the band to date, featuring surprisingly confident vocals over dazzling synths. The pace of this song better suits Expensive Looks, too, permitting the song to unfold at a pace commensurate with the rhythm section. Allegedly, “Moving Visions” is tabbed for release on an upcoming EP entitled “Your Dreams Our Week.”

The other track that they recently posted on bandcamp is “Nothing More,” which uses the same sonic formula found in “Moving Visions.”  Regardless, the track skews more toward the dancefloor, providing a slightly brighter soundscape than “Moving Visions.”  Expensive Looks definitely knows his way around bedroom pop, but you can chart his development toward an intriguing live performer with “Nothing More.”  This is certainly an artist to put on your radar.

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Expensive Looks – “Moving Visions”
Expensive Looks – “Nothing More”
Expensive Looks – “Shy Away”