[Introducing] – Midnight Spin

Whilst not often posted on here, and mainly because a lot of it is shite, Rock music when done properly can be a wonderful thing.

Midnight Spin are breaking my run of shite.  Whilst I was trepidacious when I read the email that bassist Ben wrote to me as he described their music as rock, I still gave the Brooklyn five-piece the same chance I give everyone else who sends me music.  Plus, he’d taken the time to check out my site and point out a couple of posts he liked, which is a damn sight more than everyone else who writes to me proclaiming their undying love for the site do.

I digress.  My first introduction to their music was via the video below for “Trigger Finger Itch”.  Admittedly the video is so fucking good that on my first watch I didn’t really pay attention to the music, but second time around it stuck, so I checked out the EP that Ben sent to me (“Through The Mojo Wire”) and I was pleasantly pleased.  Surprisingly surprised, too.

The first thing that hits are the melodies, often overlooked when you’re listening to Rock bands today, but with a ferocious punch like Queens Of The Stone Age or Refused doing a Need For Speed soundtrack, or Manchester Orchestra orchestrating a shuttle launch, Midnight Spin manage to make you sing along as you head bang (or whip your hair back and forth) and jump up and down like a petulant child.

As I’ve said before I’m partial to songs with fret-wanking guitar solos and choruses sung by 142 people at once, and they deliver both, and well.  I’m not the first to take note as they had their first video picked up by MTV and Fuse, and now with their video for “Trigger Finger Itch” it’s sure to only propel them forward at twice the speed of their previous land speed record (you’ll see it on Fuse in February).

Grab the MP3 for the tune below and seriously watch this video.  In Ben’s words; “It’s famous cereal mascots getting busted by the cops for dealing cereal…Usual Suspects for breakfast basically.”.  They also just played on New Year’s Eve with The Walkmen in D.C. which must’ve been one hell of a show.

Cereal is bad, mmk?

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Midnight Spin – “Trigger Finger Itch”